Thursday, April 8, 2010


Kaden makes my heart swell! He gives me tons of moments that are worthy of writing about. God blessed him with a sweetness that I can’t describe. One of my favorite things about Kade is that he is not shy (at all) about loving his mommy! :)

This has been a big week for Kade. After refusing to try and ride a bike without training wheels for several months now we finally persuaded him to give it a go. We were back home in Liberty over Spring Break and headed to a church parking lot. After a few dry runs, he took off!! It was awesome! Kamden, Karson, Bryce and I chased him around hooting and hollering. Since we have got back to the Lake, he has already gotten so much better! He has made it from the condo to the Elementary School (about 1/2 mile) with me running alongside!

The boys have had a lot of questions lately about God, with the passing of Great Papa Woods and Easter. I was attempting to explain the Holy Spirit and frankly I wasn’t doing a good job. I was trying to balance how much to tell without freaking them out….so I was struggling. I had got as far as explaining to them how when we get a feeling that we should or shouldn’t do something, it is the Holy Spirit guiding us. Kade had been quiet this whole time. He is a thinker, just like his daddy. He will listen, reflect, and then finally say something that just blows me away. So true to form, after a while he said, “Mom, I think it is like when I wake up in the morning and someone else is in my brain with me.” He is so far ahead of me. He then tells me how he knows that the other person in his brain with him is Jesus. Ummmm, yes, that is what I was trying to explain. Thank you, Jesus, that I have Kade to help me further grasp your greatness!

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